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meshloader XR

Here you can find a collection of the most frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers about meshloader XR. Learn everything about the functionality, necessary hardware and software for the operation of meshloader XR. If you don't find the right answers or if you have any other question, please contact our customer service:

General 3D import improvements:

  • We cleaned up and optimized the mesh structure to achieve better performance.
  • Mesh data has been normalized to ensure consistency of presentation.
  • We have adjusted the 2.54 factor to allow correct scaling on 3DS models.
  • The interface display has been improved.

Revision of the variant mode:

  • The variant mode has been revised to provide a better user experience.

Revision of the main menu:

  • We added hover effects to improve the user experience.
  • The GUI elements are displayed sharper depending on the resolution.
  • The window size can be changed arbitrarily in the main menu, without considering the aspect ratio.
  • The window size and position are saved when the application is closed.

Revision of the NonVR mode:

  • The zoom functionality can now be controlled via the mouse wheel.
  • The focus has been revised.
  • A new NonVR measurement tool has been added.
  • There is a new NonVR menu with the current menu items "Sun Position" and "Measuring".
  • There is now a NonVR help / control that can be accessed by pressing the "h" key.

Revision of the VR mode:

  • The movements when "grabbing" the models in model mode are more fluid thanks to taking into account physical calculations such as mass.
  • A new VR measurement tool has been added.
  • There is now a VR Help / Control that can be accessed by pressing the "h" key.
  • There is a new teleport navigation where floors can be skipped.
  • Added a new "scan" effect to the collision calculation.
  • The 3D tablet has been revised.
  • Rendering performance has been improved.

HMD Calibration Level:

  • The aspect ratio of the glasses (HMD) is taken into account when starting VR mode to avoid black HMD image borders.

Revision of the floor:

  • Fixed various ground texture problems.
  • Visible boundaries (working area: 400x400m) were introduced.
  • A new grid design was created.


  • The user position (VR, NonVR) in the scene is saved.
  • The tablet position in the scene is saved.

360° screenshot:

  • Performance issues have been fixed.
  • Fixed points are faded out during the recording.
  • The memory consumption has been reduced.

Meshloader Viewer:

  • A reduced viewer application can be forwarded to customers,

No - meshloader XR only works with the windows operating system and a performance PC or laptop (vr-ready).

Varjo Aero

HP reverb G2

vive pro & vive pro2

oculus quest 2 and quest (only with "link" cable)

valve index




If you have any problems setting up meshloader XR, please contact us.

We recommend a powerful gaming PC that is vr-ready. Special attention should be paid to the graphics card. We recommend the following for a new purchase: Nvidia RTX 3000 series.

The standard meshloader XR license Pro license 99 EUR (excl. VAT). The costs for a license extension for MultiUser functionalities will only be announced on "request", because it is always an individual determination of demand. The Basic Version is available for 79 EUR (excl. VAT).

Support costs are not included in the annual license. If you need help with the acquisition of virtual reality capable hardware, we can help you. According to our experience 1-2 hours are needed. The support hourly rate is: 150 EUR/h(excl. VAT)

Through direct feedback from our customers and clients, new ideas for better handling and better features are constantly flowing into our development. That's why we actively call on our customers for feedback. Only then can our development team continue to develop the best features and tools for you.

If the export data format of your 3D/CAD software does not work, please contact us. Our support team will take care of it immediately. Often it is individual settings of the CAD software export function that need to be adjusted.

currently:.3ds | .fbx | .gltf | .blend | .dae | .fbx | .ifc (2×3) |We are continuously working on extending data formats .

Yes! - You just need to log out and log in again on another device.

meshloader XR is a product of NEED immersive reality. NIR is a VR studio based in Austria that has been implementing high-end virtual reality apps worldwide since 2016. The entire know-how of over 10 years of individual productions and developments has gone into meshloader XR.

No! Currently only one annual license is provided. This either expires automatically, or you can request an automatic renewal in the customer area.

Trade fairs,


Solar Position Analyses,

Fixed points can be assigned, presentations can be controlled purely via the keyboard of the PC or laptop,

Quick renderings can be made,

360° shots can be generated via one click,

Align Model | Models can be linked to each other (this allows different variants to be created for the end customer).

Audio integration is possible.

MultiUser function

Saving scenes is supported

model mode & 1:1 mode